Reviews from fans

“Great show guys, keep it up; makes the commute to work bearable.”

-Gunnygunn (iTunes)

“This morning I had a follow from the guys at American Slacker. I downloaded a couple of episodes to listen too and you know what…it’s worth listening to just for the theme music alone. Don’t get me wrong…they’re content is strong but Mary Jane is a tune.”


“Found this podcast through the Last Podcast on the Left facebook group, thoroughly entertaining stuff definitely check it out!”


“It’s really great, immediately a fan! All of the stories are hilarious and you guys cover a bunch of topics and know what your talking about so it keeps it interesting. Most the podcasts I listen to are because it feels like I’m hanging with friends so yours is perfect”

-Jordan (Email)

“The hosts on this podcast are funny, regular guys and listening feels like you’re hanging out with them during a fun, chill smoke session.”


“The genius of the Slackers cannot be denied.”

-Jordan River, Host of Growcast Podcast (2017 420 Bonus Episode)