EP054- Chewbaccas Against Humanity

You want a war, you’ve got one on the latest episode of American Slacker Podcast. Hosts Matthew and Jesse break down the weird news of the week including Cards Against Humanity’s marijuana policy funding, an Armadillo under fire, the threat of pirate attacks, a wild and dangerous Wookie, a mobile exploding gas grill, the Purge on methamphetamines and the funny clip of the week. Next, the guys are dishing out some music suggestions from artists Higher Brothers and Hippie Sabotage. Then it’s the video game segment with thoughts on the Friday the 13th game, coverage of some new GTAV online features and as always the Games with Gold on Xbox Live which this month includes Bayonetta, Slime Rancher, Trials Fusion and Red Faction: Armageddon. Keep your friends close, but Wookies closer.

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