EP050-Helicopter Nut Slap

You get two for flinching on the latest episode of American Slacker Podcast. Hosts Matthew and Jesse fly in with some bizarre news about Colorado’s weed revenues, taco orders at gunpoint, the priest who’s packing a pistol, an undeserving victim of road rage, alcohol on an air voyage, sanitation scams in Saudi Arabia and the funny clip of the week which you can find on the American Slacker Podcast Facebook page, posted every Wednesday. It’s getting chilly because winter is coming as the guys talk the return of Game of Thrones and also suggest two Korean revenge films, Oldboy (2003) and The Man From Nowhere (2010). Then it’s Sweet Tweets with a spotlight on the Twitter accounts of some incredibly interesting podcasts. Get to the Choppa!!!

Sweet Tweets Accounts

@Earhustlesq– Ear Hustle Podcast

@Colormedeadpod– Color Me Dead Podcast

@Madscientistpod– Mad Scientist Podcast


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