EP047- Nevada Rocket Keg Stand

We’re blasting off while getting plastered on the latest episode of American Slacker Podcast! Hosts Matthew and Jesse kick off the festivities with bizarre news about Marijuana in Nevada, burning down bee’s nests, indoor roman candle fights, how to resist ice cream rages, an expensive bird poop beauty procedure, three cheek butt graffiti, the impact buses have on drinking, the age limit for keg stands and the Funny Clip of the Week featuring Billy Buck Roscoe who reinvents what it means to chug and shotgun beer. Then the guys have two new music suggestions, Young Culture and Rex Orange County, both of which can be found on the American Slacker Podcast Playlist on Spotify. Next is the crowd favorite Video Game segment with an update on a game from Rockstar, new DLC content for Ark Survival Evolved and of course the free titles available from the Microsoft Game with Gold worth checking out. Remember when betting in Nevada; bet on red, bet on black, just don’t bet against green!

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